How To Sell Your Junk Car

Our Process

How Do I Sell My Junk Car? It’s simple


  • Describe Your Vehicle: Call us or fill out our online form. Let us know the relevant information.
  • We will make an offer right away: When we have spoken or reviewed the information We will give you an offer. No Strings attached. We typically offer more cash for cars than our competitors when providing cash for your junk car, truck SUV etc. Accept or pass.
  • If You Accept Our Offer: Congratulations! It is likely the best one. Get any paperwork you may have on your vehicle
  • We Come to You and provide free towing and junk car removal. Let’s set a date and time for pick-up. We’ll come out and verify it’s condition and collect all necessary paperwork.
  • We pay you on the spot. Once your vehicle checks out we’ll give you a check and load up your car for towing. It’s that simple.

What is my Junk Car Worth?

Be honest with yourself and the Scrap Master. If your car is heavily deteriorated or rusted it will likely be worth less but that doesn’t mean it is worthless! If there are usable parts outside of just scrap metal value we may be able to make sense of paying more. Kelly Bluebook is an option to look at but keep in mind that they quote prices for operating vehicles not junk cars.

For more information or to get an offer for your car, Call Now

Junk My Car: Estimate the price of a junk car.

  • Your cars current condition: Consider the cost it will be to repair your vehicle. Does it exceed the net worth of the car? If not, deduct that cost and you may start to get close to an expected offer. If it is deteriorated and not worth fixing it may be less value
  • Are your car parts in demand? This is a consideration as it brings added value. This is better opportunity than simply getting a scrap offer for your junk car.
  • Year/Make/Model: Is your car still common and parts usable. It may have body damage but still great condition for most parts with a lot of this model car still on the road. If you have a rare car it may have parts that are in demand as well.
  • The current price of scrap metal comes into play: Most junk cars are simply scrapped for the value of the metal parts to be used and recycled for new products. In this case it will come down to the weight of your junk car.
  • These are factors we calculate to figure out how to make a fair market value offer when we bring you cash for your car that day

We pay Cash for Junk Cars in Detroit Mi and the surrounding areas.